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The cycle of scientific works "Devirtualization of Virtual: at the Top of Falling"


M. A. Zhurb

 is represented by Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University

The number of publications –83, among them: 2 monographs (one is written in a co-authorship), 32 articles and 24 theses of reports, 25 collections of scientific works.

The purpose of the paperconsists in the complex research of transcendent and immanent aspects of manifestation of virtuality on the basis of the analysis of its interaction with personality in the space of modern culture and civilization. The prospective and strategic problem of the research is development of the uniform collective scientific program concept on problems of total virtualization of society.

The scientific novelty of the paperis in the fact that for the first time in the Ukrainian science philosophy of virtual culture is systematized; the metaphysical bases of the human life in the virtualized civilization, culture and quasiculture is revealed. The methodological possibilities of the analysis of culture transformations in their anthropological and lingvosemiotic aspects are broaden.

Practical importance.The conducted research solves the problem of virtuality as specific status of modern culture and man in their mutual representation, which is important for prospective development of the theory and practice of philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture. The cycle of scientific papers is integrated, system research directed on the designing of complete matrix of virtual culture by devirtualization of modern society that allowed to crystallize its metaphysical bases in foreign culture conditions. Relying on the conducted research and its program concept creation of scientific centre on problems of virtualization of society on the territory of Ukraine is provided, which has to consolidate efforts of domestic and foreign scientists in carrying out joint researches with possible implementation of the received results in the educational process  (creation of the scientific project "Virtus Reality", opening of the scientific organization "Sobornist", opening of the scientific journal "Virtus", the organization and carrying out of the annual international conferences (2009-20014), the edition of collective monographs, etc.).