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Nanotechnology is a concentrate of lactose

Work number - M 65 AWARDED

Author: ZmievskiiYuriyGrigorievich

Organization: National university of food technology


The aim was to create a scientifically based prerequisites for expanding the industrial application of nanotechnology in the process of obtaining whey concentrated solutions of lactose.

Within the presented work was improved scientific foundations of electrodialysis and membrane distillation, which are components of nanotechnology in conditions of complex processing of whey. Could reduce the risk of contamination membranes intensify the process of desalination whey, to develop new approaches to optimize these processes with regard to the phenomena occurring in nanopore membranes substantiate limits the concentration of lactose solutions. Research findings were used in the design process line processing of whey and the development of technical documentation electrodialysisapparatus. Introduction of technical solutions proposed on the basis of scientific research, economic impact provides a 88 UAH for1 m3 processed whey prices for 2010.

The results of the published 1 monograph, 24 articles in professional journals, including 2 in foreign journals included in the database SCOPUS, 5 in international journals and 17 foreign professional journals in Ukraine, Ukraine received 7 patents and has published more than 30 abstracts at scientific conferences at various levels.