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А series of the work "Physical bases of surface strengthening of biocompatible alloys used in orthopaedic dentistry and implantology"

Work number - M 12 AWARDED

Authors: Filatova V.S., YatsenkoL.F., Khripta N.I.

The cycle of works is nominated by Scientific council of G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of the N.A.S. of Ukraine.


The cycle of scientific works consists of 18 scientific papers published within a period of 10 years.

Formation of nano-structured surface layers of biocompatible alloys for medical application induced by severe plastic deformation to enhance quality and exploitation life of dentistry prosthetic appliances and implants is an important and timely task. The main regularities of structural evolution, physical and chemical state, and properties of surface of biocompatible alloys based on Сo, Ti or Zr under severe plastic deformation induced by ultrasonic impact treatment and sand blasting are established in this work using a number of up-to-date experimental methods. The mechanism of nano-scale structural formation in surface layers is offered for the selected alloys at the effect of intensive straining. It is revealed that ultrasonic impact deformation of the VТ6 titanium alloy and zirconium alloys contained niobium and titanium at ambient atmosphere results in the mechano-chemical interaction of oxygen with their surfaces, and model concept describing mechano-chemical synthesis of tough oxide layers is suggested. The aggregate of the obtained results creates the bases for deeper understanding of the nature of change of properties the modified surfaces and for the development of new technologies that allow producing the orthopaedic constructions and implants made of the studied biocompatible alloys.

The results of the research are published in 18 publications in refereed journals and in 2 patents of Ukraine, 11 of papers are published in the international journals referred in the Scopus database. According to the Scopus database total citation index is h = 2. Authors’ works were cited in over than 20 academic and applied scientific journals.