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А series of the work «Ecologically-oriented management of the administrative territory socio-economic development»

Work number - M 75 FILED

Authors: Bondar T.V., MatvieievaYu.T.

Presented by Sumy State University for obtaining the annual award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists.

The purpose is to improve the theoretical and methodological provisions for the formation of ecologically-oriented management of the administrative territory socio-economic development.

A number of fundamental results have been received: the structure of the territorial system has been investigated; an approach to the essence of enterprise competitiveness defining from the standpoint of the system methodology has been justified.

An approach to a comprehensive diagnosis of the territory; an approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the territory ecologically-oriented management implementation; an approach to assessing ecologically-oriented enterprise competitiveness have been offered.

Proposals improve organizational and economic mechanism ecologically-oriented management of the territory, which is the hierarchical structure and includes mechanisms at the microeconomic level in a competitive environment. Implementation optimization model of ecologically-oriented management of the territory development made it possible to obtain the balance index 1,099. Consideration of environmental factors in the economic mechanism of enterprises allowed to increase the level of competitiveness at 0,09.

The results of the authors have been published in 17 scientific papers in national and international journals, including two − in journals accounted RB RINTS. Total number of scientific papers Bondar TV, which have been related to research topic, is 34, Matvieieva Yu.T. − 34 works.