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А series of the work “Nanostructurally-modified chalcogenide vitreous media for high-reliable optoelectronic”

Work number - M 78 AWARDED

Authors:  Shpotyuk Mykhaylo Volodymyrovych, Boyko Vitaliy Teodorovych


А series of the works is applied by the Lviv Polytechnic National University on the annual award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists.

A series of the works consists of 39 scientific papers published in 2005-2013 years.

The cation-interlinking network clusters approach was developed for quantum-chemical modeling of the network and molecular clusters of chalcogenide glasses. The basic structural units in chalcogenide glasses of As-S(Se), Ge-S(Se) and Ge-As-Se systems were found. It was investigated the compositional features of physical aging in chalcogenide glasses of binary and ternary systems in dependence on the nature of their previous natural exposure and possible influence of γ-irradiation on the natural physical aging processes in these glasses. The microstructural peculiarities of physical aging in chalcogenide glasses were described. It was shown the possibility of stabilization and purposeful modification of exploitation properties of chalcogenide glasses by their previous radiation treatment. A numerical criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of nanostructural modification in chalcogenide glasses was proposed.

The results of a series of the works have practical importance for modern optoelectronics. A model of new high-reliable optoelectronic temperature sensor for the work in radiation-hazard conditions was developed using modified nanostructured chalcogenide glasses.

The results of research are published in 39 articles (among them 22 articles in journals included into the lists of ISI and Scopus), the results were presented and reported at more than 50 international and Ukrainian conferences. Total number of referred publications in according to the Scopus database – 27, total number of citations – 65, h-index of Shpotyuk M.V. – 3, h‑index of Boyko V.T. – 5.

Total number of the publications of Shpotyuk M.V. – 90, of Boyko V.T. – 35.