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Multiagent information technology of diagnosis of computer systems of the existence of the botnets in corporate area network


Authors: LysenkoS.., KryshchukA.


A behavioral model of bots and Botnets, which formalizes the features of functioning of botnets in computer systems, is proposed. A model of the process for computer systems botnets diagnosing, which allows performing the diagnosis with high reliability, is developed.

Multiagent information technology for computer systems in corporate area network botnets diagnosing, which includes the multiagent method of botnet diagnosing computer systems in corporate area network, which allows to make a conclusion about botnets presence of in CAN using fuzzy inference. Computer system botnet diagnosis software, which enables the new botnets detection with high reliability, was developed.

The research results have been successfully tested in a production environment following companies: Podilska telephone company "MITEL" Khmelnitsky, «ITT telecommunication company», Khmelnitsky, in the learning process of Khmelnytsky National University.

The achieved economic impact of developed information technology allowed to save 300 to 400 Ukrainian hrivnas for one personal computer per year (december 2014).

The results of research on the topic of scientific work set out in Articles 37 (4 articles are in SCOPUS database, 2 – in WEB OF SCIENCE database), including 4 in international journals, 24 abstracts).

Total number of authors of publications - 69.