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Magnetic multifunctional nanocomposites and nanomaterials for biomedical applications

Work number - M 23 AWARDED

Authors:PylypchukIe.V., Storozhuk L.P., Turelyk M.P.

Presentedby the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine

The cycle ofscientific works consists in 3 textbooks, 8 patents, 1 certificate, 48 scientific papers and 93 abstracts, published over last 10 years.

Researchdevoted to the creation of novel multifunctional nanocomposite materials based on magnetite.

Work is aimed to the synthesis of novel nanocomposites with multifunctional properties, according to use as biomedical nanorobots: recognition of microbiological objects in biological environments; targeted drug delivery to the cells and target organs; complex chemo- and immunotherapy with the use of neutron irradiation and hyperthermia methods, multimodal diagnostics, magnetic resonance imaging, and viruses adsorption, etc.

The relevance ofthe chemical design and research of nanostructures biomedical nanocomposites is explained by social demand for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer using the novel biomedical tools– nanosized magnetosensitive nanocomposite materials.

The author’s studyfocusedon obtaining the latest scientific results, introduction of them into social practice, contribute to supplement existing knowledge in chemistry and physics of surface and further address the problem of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

As a result of author’s scientific investigation were synthesized novel magnetic nanostructures and magnetic fluids. In particular, chemical construction of magnetosensitive nanocomposites with hierarchical architecture and multifunctional properties was provided; chemical processes and conditions during of architecture construction assembling were established and optimized; nanoparticles synthesis and separation conditions were improved; nanoparticles surface was modified by different organic and inorganic compounds. Complex of physico-chemical and medical investigations of obtained nanocomposites were provided. Models of novel immunomagnetic species for chemo-, immuno-, and neutron capture therapy with nanorobots functions were created.

The results ofresearch described in 3 books, 48 papers (including 6 referred journals), 93 abstracts, published over last 10 years. 1copyright certificate and8 patents demonstrate novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions proposed by authors. Total numberof authors of publications is 153.