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Finance of Holding Companies

Work number - M 79 AWARDED

Оlga Romanenko. 

Kiev National University of Trade and Economics

In the monographessence of financial resources of a holding company is determined and their classification is developed with the purpose of direction of analysis and control on the operative management of their formation and use processes. Problems and trends of progress of trade holdingsare determined. The organizational model of analysis and control in the system of management of financial resources is offered in a holding company; analyzed methodology of consolidation of the financial reporting of holding companies in relation in accordance with its requirements of effective management financial resources with the use information systems of holding.

The method of analysis of formation and use of financial resources is improved for holding companies, failings are found out, their reasons are set and suggestions are developed in relation to the improvement of analysis at the level of holding association and associated companies for providing of effective management and achievement of the optimum financial state of a company. The method of rating estimation of the financial state of the associated company is developed as to the element of integral estimation of formation and use of financial resources of a holding; core, functions and organizational approaches of internal and external control of financial resources are exposed in trade holding companies.