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А series of the works “Novel bioanalytical systems for medicine”

Work number - M 26 AWARDED


Marchenko S.V., Saiapina O.Y., Kucherenko I.S., Stasyuk N.Ye.

A series of scientific works is devoted to the development of new and effective enzymatic test systems and electrochemical chemo- and biosensors for quantitative analysis of components of biological fluids – markers of human organism functioning.

The obtained results concern development, optimization and approbation of electrochemical biosensors, sensor systems and enzymatic methods for determination of urea, creatinine, ATP, glucose, ammonium, L-arginine, methylamine, lactose and others.

In the series of works fundamentally new bioanalytical devices are presented. They are based on potentiometric (pH-sensitive field effect transistors), conductometric and amperometric transducers. The work combines results of studies of analytical characteristics of developed for the first time monobiosensors, chemosensors, biosensor systems and enzymatic methods of analysis for medical application together with factors that determine these characteristics, in comparison with the best national and foreign analogs.

Particular place belongs to works aimed at application of the developed bioanalytical systems for analysis of biological samples (blood serum, dialysis fluid, etc.). Furthermore, comparison of results of biosensor determination and control methods was performed, and high degree of correlation between them was achieved.

The obtained results is of importance for medical diagnostics of different types of disorders in human organism, and especially renal, muscle, thyroid, liver, and pancreatic insufficiency. The presented achievements can be a basis for development and industrial production of new competitive portative measuring devices for express, integral, and selective determination of a number of metabolites essential in modern clinical laboratory diagnostics.

The results of the subject research are describedin 122 publications, 42 articles (including 25 papers in foreign journals) and 73 abstracts. The authors’ works have 105 citations in scientific journals, Hirsch index (according to Scopus database) of each author is 2, 3, 4 and 2 respectively, and total IF of journals is 68.7.

Seven Ukrainian patents were obtained.