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Energy saving technologies of energy generation from alternative sources of energy

Work number - M 60 FILED

DzhedzhulaV. V., ResidentN. N., BodnarL. А., Anokhina K. V.



Theaimofresearchisdevelopmentofthemethodsofenergysavingequipmentcreationandtechnologiesofenergygeneration from alternative sourcesя. Theaimisachievedasaresultofenergyefficiencyimprovementoftheinstallations, intendedforrecycling oforganicwaste, reductionofmaterial, energyandotherresourcesconsumptioninthespheresoftheirmanufacturingandoperationinaccordancewiththerequirements of healthprotectionandenvironmentprotection regulations.

Scientific novelty of the results obtained.Methodicalfundamentalsofmathematicalmodelingofthe  systems of energy sources productionfromalternativesourcesofenergy, unliketheexistingones,havebeenimprovedasaresultof: developmentoforiginalexperimental-calculationmethodofheatexchange  intensitydeterminationinmulticomponentorganic mixtures with thermophysical properties, changing in time; development of expert-modeling system of intelligent support of decision making regarding the control of the process of  productivity increase of biogas installation; calculation techniques of small power gas-generator hot water boilers, operating on alternative type of fuel, taking into account anthropogenic impact on the environment have been improved.

Scientificresultsobtainedintheresearchcanbeefficientlyusednotonlyinthesphereofagriculture, but also in the branches of industry where considerable amount of organic waste in available. Thisreferstothewasteofalcohol, oil and fat production, production of various beverages, processing of vegetables and fruit.

Practical value of the results obtained. Asaresultoftheoreticalandexperimentalresearchenergysavingequipment and technological schemes of energy systems operation for obtaining energy sources from alternative sources of energy have been suggested.This leads to the reduction of the load on the environment.

The results of the research have been implemented at LLC«Gas equipment factory «Alfa-Gazpromcomplect», at Administration of Agricultural Development of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration. The results have also been  proposed for implementation in project-research Institute “Vinnytsiaagroproect” and JSC “Motor Sich” Affiliated Company “Lebedynckiy Motor Construction Factory”.

Other information, characterizing the work. Total number of publications of the authors – 194, including  – 119  publicationsonthesubjectoftheresearch, in particula 35 Declaration Patents for utility model and 1 Patent for the invention, 5 monographs, 1 manual, classified by the Ministry. The number of articles in international journals, contained in Scopus data base  – 4. Scientific papers in journals, contained in RSCI (РИНЦ)data base –58. h-index of the authors – 6.

Theobtainedresultsweretested and discussed at more than 30 international scientific-technical conferences