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А series of scientific works "Formation of novel biomaterials and coatings of medical implants based on hydroxyapatite and biopolymers for military medicine"

Work number - M 21 FILED


Yanovska A.A., Kuznetsov V.N., Stanislavov A.S.

A series of scientific works consists of 1 patent, 14 scientific articles published during the eight years.

The basis of formation calcium-phosphate coatings is proposed for close to physiological conditions, namely biomimetic formation of calcium-phosphate coatings on magnesium substrates by dipping and on Ti-6Al-4Vsubstrates by thermal deposition methods.

The line of fundamental results about physicochemical properties of nanocomposite materials and coatings is obtained. The influence of physical factors on composite materials formation is investigated. The recommendations about coating formation on medical implants are proposed.

This series of works contain the priority results about formation of hydroxyapatite coatings, close to bone tissue. Its combination with biopolymers and antibacterial components increase the effectiveness of obtained materials greatly. 

The new approaches of formation modern medical materials and coatings for medical implants were proposed for application in military medicine and reparative surgery. 

Authors put new and creative tasks to obtain cacium-phospate coatings under the influence of permanent magnetic field from aqueous solutions with various ionic compositions. Some ways of antibacterial components and polymer introduction into coatings were proposed.

In the series of works an important scientific problem was solved – creation of modern biomaterials for replacement of bone defects, that can be used as coatings for medical implants due to their biocompatibility, bioactivity and ability to osteointegration. The results of this series are important for orthopedy, dentistry, reparative surgery and military medicine.

Results of study on the topic of the work are outlined in 1 patent, 14 papers (including 7 in foreign journals), 13 abstracts. The works of authors are cited by more than 30 scientific journals, the general index of citing articles is 34 (according to Scopus  database),h-індек =3.

  Total number of publications of authors: 28.