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The highly productive technologies of analysis and synthesis of images for problems of medical diagnostics


AuthorsRomaniuk O.V.,Vovkotrub D.V., Ratushny P.M.

Presented by Vinnitsia National Technical University.


In this paper a major scientific and practical task of improving productivity of analysis and synthesis of images for problems of medical diagnostics is solved.

A number of methods of increasing the productivity of performing the various stages of the graphic pipeline, including perturbation and normalization of vectors, perspective-correct texturing, lighting calculation, simulation of bumps on the surfaces of  images of three-dimensional objects. In complex usage of the developed methods in software implementation the achieved performance of forming images of relief surfaces is better on average 2.5-4 times while maintaining the visual identity of the reference images.

The proposed method of processing tomograms of the eye bottom allows creating a rifled mask that goes around the contours of the macular region of the retina of the eye with an accuracy of 98%.

The proposed system of analysis of structural changes in the diagnosis of macular idiomatic breaks can improve the accuracy of the analysis of more than 20% in comparison with analogues.

There have been proposed the method for edge detection of micro capillaries and determine their subpixel coordinates, which made it possible to produce thin continuous contours of images of objects without breaks and extra fragments. If the value of blur is within 2.5-3.5 the method ensured efficiency of localization of contour points of micro capillaries image 2-2.5 times better in comparison with known methods.

On the basis of developed in the paper methods the software for increasing the speed of obtaining the necessary diagnostic data of vascular system and their reliability has been proposed. It allows increasing productivity of doctor’s work on 20%, and economic impact of its implementation is 500%.

Based on the developed theoretical foundations the productive hardware for analysis and synthesis of images for purposes of medical diagnostic has been developed. The main results of the research have been introduced on enterprises of  the cities such as Vinnytsia and Kyiv.

Based on the results of the research 48 scientific works, including 20 articles in professional scientific journals, one of them is included to science-metric database SCOPUS, 15 in the form of abstracts of international and national conferences, 10 patents for utility model and 3 certificates for registration of copyright of computer software are published. The total citation index is 12