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The problem of moral education of youth in national educational periodicals of the second half of the XX century

Work number - M 67 FILED

Author:Ovcharova Olesya Mykolaivna.

The organization that represents the work: Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University

Purposeof the work: is to solve the basic problems of moral education of modern youthbasing on the usage of generalizedexperience of materials of the second half of the XXcentury and the creative usageof  the achievements of the past in the practice of modern educational establishments.

Scientific novelty (basic thesis):

- the list of thepriority problems of moral education of modernyouth was first established and the solutions based on retrospective analysis of the experienceofthe second half of the XXcenturywere presented;

- the analysis of historical and pedagogical materialswas made holistically within a broad chronological borders, thecoverage of theproblem of moral education of youth in the second half of the XXcenturywas characterized;

- the criteria (social, political, socio-economic and cultural factors of the development of the country), which contributedto review goals, objectives, content, principles, methods, forms and means of moral education of youth in the second half of the XXcenturywere defined;

 - perspectives of the maintenance and further creative usageof pedagogically valuable ideas and experience of moral education of youth in modern educational processwere defined;

- the essence of the concept of «moraleducation» as a purposeful formation of moral consciousness, development of moral feelings, skills and habits of moral behavior of young peoplewas clarified;

- methods, formsand tools of moral education of youth, identified and tested in the second half of the XXcenturywere further developed.

Scientific and practical importance:is that the results of the conducted scientific studyhighlight theproven experience of theeducation of young people and practical solutions forthe named problems of modern moral education and national-patriotic education; findings formulated in the scientific research can be used in the educational process in thehigher educational institutions of the III-IV accreditation levels in thecourseof lectures on the pedagogy and history of pedagogy,in the preparationofdiploma and master's works, as well as for compilation ofreadersand reference bibliographies on the history of Ukrainian schools and pedagogy.

Number of publications: 23 scientific papers(without co-authors) including: 1 monograph, 9 articles in scientific professional editions of Ukraine, 1 article in another publication, 12 abstracts in the materialsof the conferences.