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Leading-edge technologies of fuel preparation

Work number - M 2 AWARDED

By MaksimSalo

The scientific effort cycle provided by State Design Office Yuzhnoye.

The scientific effo rtcycle consist of 11research papers, published within last 9 years with the following job performed.

Arranged the fuel preparation methods. Performed the overall analysis. All methods were sorted by “gas-liquid” mixing methods.

Increasing the effectiveness of mass-exchange process was also considered.

In order to intensify mass-exchange processes during the fuel preparation operation a gas-jet rod radiators was used.

Suggested the estimated relationships of basic design parameters for gas-jet rod radiators,as well as gas-liquid flow characteristics, realized by means of ultrasound bubling.

Performed the experimental development of gas-jet rod radiators.A batch of valuable data regarding the bubbling process were also gathered.

Thescientificeffortcycle contains foreground results for ILV launch complex fueling equipment design.

Suggested a new methods of bubbling process.

Cycle results are very valuable and can be used in fuel equipment design process for a ILV launch complex.