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Vortex impulse magnetic field influence on higher vegetative regulation centres

Work number - M 55 FILED

ByTuritskaya T.G., Ph.D., Biology, Sydorenko A.G., Ph.D., Biology

Presented Dnipropetrovsk national university of railway transport named after academician V.  Lazaryan


This paper is an experimental and theoretical research, which extends the idea of magnetic radiation influence on the living organism and can reflect particular universal regularities of weak physical agents’ influence on them. Relation of vortex magnetic field’s effects and its rotational direction has been established for the first time. It is demonstrated that the character of changes of hypothalamus bioelectrical activity influenced by vortex impulse magnetic signal depends both on rotational direction of the field and on the initial state of the structures under consideration. As a result of the experiment, it is stated that changes of parameters of electrohypothologram of rats (under the influence of magnetic field) correspond to the changes of the parameters during the stress reaction development. According to the analysis of corticosterone content in rats’ blood serum, the regularities ascertained indicate that magnetic field exerts influence upon the animal organism as a stress factor.

The discovered changes of electrical activity of the hypothalamus of rats under the influence of vortex impulse magnetic field corroborate theoretically the systemic physiological mechanism of action of the factor mentioned. The received data which state that the decrease of representation of theta-like activity in the hypothologram of rats affected by vortex impulse magnetic fields of dextral and sinistral rotational directions against the background of the stress situation development may testify the activation of stress limiting system and be useful in application of magnetic therapy for adjustment and preventing of stress development. The use of impulse magnetic field in clinical practice has been substantiated for the first time; the expediency of dextral vortex impulse magnetic field use for renewal of general functional state of organism has been proved. Data about the repression of capacities of hypothologram components during long-term (more than 9 weeks) complex influence of sinistral rotational direction of magnetic field and stress may be taken into account while developing of hygienic rating norms of magnetic influence and may be rather interesting for magnetobiology specialists.

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