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The optimization strategy of functional parameters to chalcogenide and chalcohalide materials


Authors: Malakhovska T.O., Filep M.J., Pogodin A.I.

The cycle of scientific papers submitted for the award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists by the State higher educational establishment, «Uzhhorod National University»

Theresults of thescientificworkarerepresentedin: 34articlesinISI-journals(generalSJR: 2.212; generalimpactfactor: 4.333); the novelty and competition possibility of technical decisions are protected by 12patents of Ukraine. The works of author’s are quoted in more than 74 scientific publications. Authors general h-index= 1.

The general number publications of authors for this scientific problem: 85.

The cycle of scientific papers «The optimization strategy of functional parameters to chalcogenide and chalcohalide materials» is dedicated to actual problem of modern inorganic materials science: the search of new and improvement the parameters of the known functional materials to further use as working elements for electronic technology (solid-state ionics, devices based on thermoelectric and nonlinear optical properties). An important aspect of this problem is searching and obtaining of materials with controllable and predictable sets of properties.

During the research was performed a thorough and systematic study of physical-chemical interactions in systems based on chalcogenide and chalcohalide compounds: Tl–Sn(Pb)–X, Tl2X–SnX–PbX, Tl2X+Sn(Pb)X'↔Tl2X'+Sn(Pb)X (X, X' - S, Se, Te, X≠X'), CuI–CsI–RbI і Cu2S–CuHal(Hal–Br, I)–P2S5.For the first time the corresponding diagrams were constructed to establish the correlations composition–property in the studied multicomponent systems. As a result, qualitative single crystal samples of Tl4SnS3(Sе3, Tе3), Tl4PbSе3(Те3), Tl4SnS4, Tl2SnS3,Cu6PS5I(Br), Cu7PS6 compounds and solid solutions based on them were obtained. The thermoelectric, nonlinear optical properties of the obtained chalcogenide crystals was studied also the properties of electrodes based on cuprum-containing chalcogenide and chalcohalide single crystals were investigated in aqueous solutions.