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Dynamic Data Mining based on hybrid evolving neuro-fuzzy systems

Work number - M 42 AWARDED

Vynokurova Olena Anatoliyvna


Doctor of Science (Dr.-Ing. habil.), Professor, Principal Research Scientist of Control Systems Research Laboratory, Professor of Information Technology Security Department,

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics


         In this series of scientific works there are papers and proceedings about solving a topical problem of dynamic data mining methods design for on-line non-stationary nonlinear signal processing based on hybrid evolving adaptive neuro-fuzzy systems, which can operate under priori and current lack of information conditions. Such methods are characterized by improving learning rate and have possibility of processing the time series with short and long data sampling, as well as with local features and abnormal outliers with unknown distribution. For the first time a number of hybrid evolving adaptive neuro-fuzzy systems, type-2 hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems for the dynamic data mining tasks solving are proposed. For the suggested architectures of hybrid evolving adaptive neuro-fuzzy-systems a number of learning methods based on quasi-Newtonian are proposed. These learning methods are characterized by increased learning rate, following and filtering properties. The experimental simulation based on different non-stationary time series and real data sets has been performed and obtained results confirm actuality of proposed approach.

Publications. Author has more than 25 scientific publications, which include: 2 monographs in Ukraine; 2 multi-authored international monographs; 51 articles in the journals of Ukraine; 14 articles in international journals, which are included scientific database SCOPUS, Web of Science, INSPEC, DBLP, BASE, Index Copernicus ets; 55 reports on international scientific conference in Ukraine and abroad; 1 educational book.

Cited articles in international scientific database:Web of Science 4 publications and 12 cites, Scopus: 4 publications and 29 cites, Google Scholar Bibliography near 45 publications and 145 cites ets.

Author has the publications in the international journals with impact factor: International Journal «Applied Soft Computing» (Impact Factor: 2.970), International Journal “Information Science” (Impact Factor: 3.969), Journal of Automation and Information Sciences (Impact Factor: 0.056), International Journal Expert Systems (Impact Factor: 0.75).