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А series of the scientific papers «Land Administration Mechanisms for Sustainable Development»

Work number - M 29 AWARDED

Authors: Sakal O., Tretiak N.

Presented Public Institute «Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine».

The series of the scientific papers consists of 40 publications, including 2 personal monographs and 4 co-authored monographs, 24 articles (including 7 scientific publications in professional editions of Ukraine were included into international scientometric databases), 10 conference papers published during 2010-2013.

In the series of the scientific papers the results of fundamental and applied research to address the problem of providing efficient administration of land relations are presented. The innovative conceptual model of market-oriented mechanisms for the development of land relations in modern economic conditions in Ukraine in accordance with the concept of sustainable development and consists in determining the administrative and legal, organizational, financial, economic, social and psychological mechanisms established set of methods and tools to improve the ecological, economic and social impact in all spheres of public life is developed. Retrospective analysis and determining modern trends relations to land resources in Ukraine is done. The system of land evaluation and payments based on rent is improved. The theoretical and methodological bases of economic aspects of land use relations in the identification and classification of land use externalities in the forestry sector according to the source of them are developed.

The research results of the series of paper are important for the scientific substantiation of state and regional policy in land administration and environmental protection; in determining the strategies of economic and social development of the regions of Ukraine; improvement General Planning Scheme in Ukraine, project planning schemes of certain regions of Ukraine.

Total number of scientific papers of authors is 80 publications, including 2 personal monographs and 8 co-authored monographs, 48 articles (including 13 scientific publications in professional periodical editions of other states and scientific professional editions of Ukraine were included into international scientometric databases, and 24 articles in scientific professional editions of Ukraine), 22 conference papers.