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A series of works “Religious tradition in law”

Work number - M 85 FILED

Author:Vovk D. O.


         Nominated by Yaroslav the Wise National Law University.


         Complex analysis of law and religion correlation in different types of legal systems on different stages of statehood is provided. General methodological approach to researching of religious influence on law is proposed on this basis. That influence is defined and researched as a religious tradition in law.

         Author describes characteristics of religious tradition in law (moment of appearance, sphere, factors of widening, expansionism) and analyzes different ways of widening of religious tradition in legal systems (secular and non-secular societies, democratic and non-democratic states, free and forced reception).

         Proposed approach is applied for resolving some theoretical and practical problems. Concept of religious tradition is used for characterizing the role of Christianity in developing of European legal systems; significance of the Bible understanding of law for development of European legal values (human rights, constitutionalism, democracy, secularity etc.) is shown; at the example of the Rule of law doctrine conflicts between secular legal concepts and legal orders based on religion are demonstrated.

         The researching results have been presented in 2 books, 27 academic articles (4 in foreign journals) and 15 reports and theses.

         The total number of author’s publications is 64.