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New approaches to creation and efficiency justification of the functional metalocomlexes, clusters and organic materials for needs of nanoelectronics and nanophotonics

Work number - M 47 AWARDED

Baryshnikov G.V., Litvin V.A.


Bohdan Khmelnitsky national University


The aim of the presented work devoted to the determination of the main regularities, experimental and theoretical bases of the controlling synthesis of the noble metals nanoparticles, photosensitizing dyes and heterocyclic circulenes as the promising materials for the nanoelectronic devices and nanoorganized drugs.

The new original synthetic methods have been proposed in this work in order to obtain the compositive humic substances and the humic-stabilized silver and gold nanoparticles with the controlling size and shape parameters. The usage of synthetic humic substances for the synthesis of the silver and gold nanoparticles allows us to obtain the high-stable (storage life without signs of sedimentation is over 2 years) concentrated soles (с(Ag) = 5.5 mole/dm3, c(Au) = 2.5 mole/dm3) with the standardized and biologically active shell. The unique properties of the nanosized metal core and humic shell open up the prospects of creation of the new drugs with enhanced therapeutic properties in order to use them in medicine and veterinary science. Particularly, such combined core-shell systems can be used for the creation of biologically active food additives, for the targeted drug delivery, cancer diagnosis and treatment and in the genetic analysis as the labels etc. The biological activity of synthesized products has been confirmed by the positive experimental tests which were carried out at the Cherkassy experimental bioresources Station of the Ukrainian NAAS Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics.

The fundamental data about the correlation between the structure and spectra of tetraoxa[8]circulenes have been used for the synthesis of the novel compounds (azaoxa[8]circulenes) which demonstrates the high quantum yields parameters and were used for the fabrication of organic light-emitting diodes. Moreover, in the present work the fundamental correlation between the structure and UV-vis spectra have been established for the wide range of photosensitizing dyes. Such correlation allows us to predict the possible ways for the purposeful synthesis of the novel photosensitizers with the improving photon-to-current efficiency for the modern solar cells. Most results of the present work have been introduced into the educational process of a number of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

All the materials which submitted to the contest represent the completed series of more than 100 scientific publications including the 4 patents, 36 international articles which indexed in Scopus database and two teaching aids. The rest of publications (58 pieces) represent the theses of reports which were reported at the number of conferences. The total citation index (h-index) of the presented articles equals 9 (the total citation number is 251 from which 211 citations assigned to the contest materials).