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А series of the work «Modeling and forecasting fuel economy and ecological safety of the car in traffic flow»


Author: Tsiuman M.P.


Presentedby National Transport University (MES Ukraine).


The cycle of scientific papers consists of 47 papers, published over 10 years.


The objective of the cycle of scientific papers is to develop mathematical tools for modeling performance fuel economy and ecological safety car, forecasting these parameters while driving in real traffic conditions and evaluation of measures aimed at improving fuel economy and ecological safety of vehicles in traffic.

A set of mathematical models describing the car in traffic flow as a consumer of fuel and air and pollution source of roadside environment, using the theory working processes of internal combustion engines and theory of automobile movement. Designed takes into account the complex construction features of the main elements of the car, including power plants and transmission options, operation features and parameters of power system, parameters and efficiency of the of exhaust gases neutralization system, weight and size parameters of the vehicle; parameters of the road and roadside environment, traffic flow parameters.

Experimental researches of automobile engines confirmed the adequacy of the developed mathematical models, in particular explored the possibility of improving fuel economy and environmental performance of the engine with neutralization of harmful emissions by exhaust gases recirculation. Done indicating of engine working process and obtained regularities of exhaust gases recirculation influence on the combustion process indicators and other processes of the operating cycle, components of engine mechanical losses. Separately, the effectivity of using the alternative fuels and traditional fuels with additives to power of automobile engines. Evaluated the effectiveness of proposed above measures to improve fuel economy and ecological safety of vehicles in real traffic.

The results of research on the topic of work set out in papers 23 (including 6 in foreign journals), 15 abstracts. The general index of citing papers is 0 (databases Scopus), h-index = 0. Retrieved 9 patents and copyright law certificates of Ukraine.

 The total number of publications of the author: 71 publications.