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High power supercapacitors for modern energy storage systems


Authors: Zelinskyi S.A. Tychina S.A.

Presented by Institute of Sorption and Problems of EndoecologyNational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists.

This paper resolves scientific and technical problemsof selection and optimization of the structural and chemical properties of the electrode materials and electrolytes for increasing the power, efficiency, energy capacity and expansion of the temperature range for supercapacitors utilization in energy storage systems.

Scientific principles and methodologyof selective development of the porous structure of carbon materials as well as a new method to modify the surface chemistry of activated carbons were developed. These lead to improving of the specific parameters of supercapacitors by 15%.

A new method of selecting the electrode materials for supercapacitors based on measuring the diffusion coefficients of the electrolyte ions in the porous carbon matrix was developed and implemented. A new technique to study the electrochemical properties of the modified carbons either in positive and negative range from the equilibrium potential of the electrochemical system was developed. This allowed identifying the working potential limits for each type of activated carbon in certain electrolyte.

Presenting of the results on main annual conferences of the world leaders in supercapacitor industry as well as achieving the leadership at the power and efficiency of the test samples in comparison to commercially available analogs evidence to the world level of the developments. Leading position of Yunasko prototypes by their power capability and efficiency in comparison with commercially available SC has been confirmed by independent experts (Dr. J.R. Miller, JME, Inc., USA; Dr. A. F. Burke ITS, USA; Dr. D. Corrigan Wayne State University, USA).

Economic effect of the implementation: the supercapacitors prototypes which were fabricated at the pilot production of “YUNASKO – Ukraine” Ltd demonstrated specific power values to be significantly higher than competitors. The prototypes passed longevity tests in accordance to the international standard IEC 62576 and appeared to be resistive to the radiation.

Scientific results were presented in 26 publications (1 in the SCOPUS database). Novelty and competitiveness of the technical solutions are protected with 1 patent of Ukraine and 3 international patent applications.