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New means of the control quality improvement of electromechanical object

Work number - M 18 AWARDED

Authors:Buryan S.A., Doroshenko A.L., Tretiak M.V., Pryymak M.V.

Publications:New scientific results are reflected in 45publications.

 Institute of Electrodynamics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The scientific significance of the work:A new scientific basis for the creation and introduction of laws to control electromechanical systems with complex technological objects that enhance the efficiency of the whole system is developed.

Scientific basis are:1. Development of new mathematical models of pumping systems for serial, parallel and mixed-type compounds aggregates, which in comparison with the known models take into account the time variation of the efficiency of each pump in the system.

2.Development of new algorithms for vector controlled doubly fed induction machine, providing separate control of the electromagnetic torque and the main magnetic flux electrical machine as the chain of stator and rotor circuit.

3.Development of a new generalized model of electromechanical transmission with energy storage, which allows for electrodynamic processes occurring at different loads in the power system of the vehicle.

4.Justification of new principles of magnetic systems of electrical machines with permanent magnets and the tooth-slot configuration of the stator to ensure the maximum value of the average electromagnetic torque through the use of magnetic field concentrators.

Economic effect is achieved by reducing energy consumption. Thus, only the use of electric motors with high efficiency, which include electric machines with permanent magnets, in comparison with a serial asynchronous motor series 4A 110 kW saves about 55.36 thousand UAH per year. As practice shows, the introduction of energy-efficient methods of control of electromechanical systems created in the performance of scientific work in the regulated electric turbo mechanisms total capacity of about 1,2MW expected savings can be about 1,25million UAH per year.