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Composite materials and coatings on the titanium-chromium carbide and diboride with high level of wear and corrosion resistance


Author: Konoval V.P.

Presented by the Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraineto receive

the annual President of Ukraine award for young scientists

The work is devoted to the developmentof composite materials and coatings with high wear- and corrosion-resistance on the base of titanium-chromium carbide and diboride with metal binder by physical-chemical studies of the adhesive interaction as well as structure and study of mechanical and tribotechnical properties of gas-thermal spraying and electro-spark alloying coatings.

In this work have been solved the importantscientific and technical problems – increase durability of machine parts working in conditions of friction-slip without lubrication and fretting-corrosion.

The scientific bases and the methodology of choice:the composition of the metal binders for composite materials based on titanium-chromium carbide and diboride; material composition, kind and modes of coatings for dry friction at different speeds and loads and for fretting-corrosion.

Developed and tested new composite materialsfor their application in plasma, detonation and electro-spark coatings with high wear resistance; developed and tested technology of hardening: aeronautical engineering parts (chassis components, the guide flaps), working in the conditions of fretting-corrosion, intense friction; machine parts for papermaking and printing equipment; nozzles of liquid blasting equipment.

On the world levelindicate achieved indicators of wear-resistance by developed of coatings.

The main results are reflected in 40 publications, including 24 scientific articles in specialized journals, including 14 papers in international journals contained in the database SCOPUS. Novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 2 patents. The number of links in the database SCOPUS for publication by the author is 19, h-index – 2.