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Innovative technologies of drying and extraction in microwave fields


Kapetula S.M., Ruzhitska N.V., Borsh A.A.

OdesaNational Academyof Food Technologies

         The purposes of the work are improvement of drying and extraction technologies in food production by using innovative principles of action on food materials, studying the mechanism and kinetics of target components extraction processes from vegetable material using microwave intensifier, kinetics of radiant-heat drying, and designing the appropriate innovative equipment.

In current work a scientific proposition about considerable decrease of diffusion resistance in extraction at the expense of organization of extractant barodiffusion flow from material under microwave field conditions is extended. The hypotheses, according to which mass-transfer specificity in conditions of traditional convective diffusion and barodiffusion that arises from solid phase under microwaves action is possible to be determined by using the effective mass output coefficient relative to driving force between target component concentrations in solid phase and extractant, is suggested.

The automatized computer test bench for food material drying kinetics research is created. Kinetic plots for infrared drying of coffee sludge in stationary and moving layer are received.

The method of experimental data generalization subject to combined kinetics of inner and outerdiffusion transfer processes is developed.

The dependence of technological parameters on changing of concentrations, mass output coefficient  value, correlation of similarity numbers for calculation of mass transfer intensity in extractors with microwave intensifier in production of oils from amaranth seeds and coffee sludge is assigned.

The patterns of microwave extraction equipment are elaborated.

The results of work are implemented on “ENNI FOODS”, Odesa and “Ukrainian Black Sea Industry”, Illichivsk.

The results of researches are published in 39 printed matters, among them 23 in specialized papers of Ukraine, 5 in international papers, 1 useful model patent is received.