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Historical study of austrian dialects

Work number - M 68 FILED

Pokhytun T. A., faculty member of German philology academic department in Mykolaiv National University named after V.O.Sykhomlinskiy.

In the research work the goal of research is functioning of contemporary German language variants in Austrian regions.

         Consistently two theoretical lines in relation to studying of contemporary German language are compared, which are in tight cooperation. On the one hand specifies a hierarchical placement of the entire set of linguistic formations, in other words the total structure of language – from the local dialects through everyday-colloquial form to the literary language including the national content of the following Austrian standard. On the other hand, the sources and character of national standard system of literary language are analyzing, system which is common to these countries, but is not identical on the whole territory of it’s expansion.

         During the disclosure of the scientific theme such notion as "national variant" of German language is used. On the basis of pluricentric character of German language (the language, which serves for communication in several heterogeneal localities), solidity and sufficiency of it’s national variants are highlighted – these are German and Austrian. At the same time, in this research work inextricable connection with common German dialectic map, the timeline and self-influence of German language variants are indicated.

         In research work the problem of identification of national German language variant is clearly deducing.  It is closely related with identity and problem of territory definition, in which the German language is used for communication.

         The research of phonological dialect features is worth noticing. Lexico-semantic features of Vienna language are presented, which are typical culture-specific concepts just for Vienna or inflected phonetically units of standards.

Research findings presented in 7 publications