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А series of the work "The administrative (police) activities of the internal affairs authorities"

Work number - M 32 FILED

Author: Sergiy Bratel

Presented bythe National Academy of Internal Affairs.


The series of the scientific studiesconsists of 96works, including  6 textbooks, 16 manuals, 22 scientific articles published in the professional legal journals of Ukraine, 37 discourses presented in the scientific practical and theoretical conferences (including international conferences), as well as 15other publications published during 2005-2013.

According to search engine, which indexes the text of scientific publications, the total number of citations of scientific papers Bratel S., which are part of the cycle is 28 citations, h-index is equal to 3.

The aim of the series of the scientific studiesis the theoretical generalization and new solutions of the scientific task which consists of developing administrative and legal problems of the functioning of the internal affairs authorities of Ukraine, in particular, the study of their system, structure, main objectives and activities, administrative and legal status of the employees, the guarantees of their activities and limits of their liability, as well as definition and justification of the most promising areas of reforming of the system of internal affairs authorities of Ukraine, taking into account the positive foreign experience and recognized international standards.

The scientific novelty of the results of the research is that for the first time in the Ukrainian science a complex scientific study of administrative and legal principles of functioning of internal affairs authorities of Ukraine was realized in order to develop the most appropriate areas of their reforming that take into account the current socio-political situation in the country and the achievements of the European Community.

The results of the series of the scientific studies are important for the development and implementation of the reform of the internal affairs authorities of Ukraine. Some conclusions and recommendations are used in law drafting, in norm creating and in practical activities of the internal affairs authorities, as well as in the study processes.

Total number of publications – 97.