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The ways of development of local self-government of Ukraine in the context of experience of the Memberstates of the European Union


Author:Kornieva O. V. Candidate of Science in Public Administration, associate professor of theory of law, constitutional law and public administration Dnipropetrovsk National University by Oles Honchar

Presented at the annual award competition of the President of Ukraine for young scientists

The author has created a basis for a comprehensive scientific analysis of the ways of development of local self-government in the European Union and directions of development of the system of local government in Ukraine within the framework of European integration.

The author received a series of fundamental results: consider ways to improve the regulatory, organizational, legal and financial framework of local government in Ukraine, taking into account the leading European experience.

The author proposes a new approach to the definition of the conceptual foundations of local self-government in the European Union and Ukraine.

Author staged new non-traditional tasks: solved the concept of "development trend of local self-government." Systematization proposed pan-European trends in the development of local government. The features of the formation of the local government system in the Memberstates of the European Union.

Results of the study are important for the improvement of the current legislation and the preparation of the new in Ukraine during the reform of local government; for educational purposes in teaching; training of civil servants and local government officials.

The results of studies on the subject are set out in Articles 12 (including 1 in foreign journals), 11 abstracts.  

The total number of publications of the author - 27