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А series of the work "Molecular design and utilization of aryl substituted five- and six-membered heterocycles and isocoumarins"


Authors: LytvynR. Z., TurytsyaV.V.


         А seriesofthework are submitted by Ivan Franko National University of Lviv for prize of the President of Ukraine 2015 for young scientists.


The results of this workare represented in 113papers (39 articles, 62 abstracts and 11 patents), published in 2003–2014 years.



         A seriesoftheworkextends understanding of the scope of application of the reactions of arenediazonium salts with heteroaromatic and unsaturated compounds, provides tools for chemo-, regio-, and stereoselective reactions, one-pot and multicomponent syntheses of complex compounds with useful properties.

         Arylation of pyrrole derivatives, mesoionic compounds (3-phenylsydnon, benzofuroksan), thiophene’s derivatives and six-membered heterocycles with arenediazonium salts were firstly studied. A new efficient one-pot synthesis of isocoumarins was developed. These compounds are practically important and include many natural substances. A new tandem cyclization and new multicomponent tandem reactions for the synthesis of partially hydrogenated isoindoles and furo[2,3-f] isoindoles were studied. Low cost and wide variation of starting reagents give advantage to the developed synthetic procedures. More than, this compounds are available to producing of combinatorial libraries for biological activity screening and promising for medicinal chemistry and pharmacy.

         High anticancer, antimicrobial, antifungal activities were found among the synthesized compounds. Also, some of them can be used as biomarkers.

The results of this workare describedin 133 publications(16 – in the journals with impact-factor)and67abstracts. A seriesoftheworkincluded113 publications (papers – 39 (13 of themin the journals with impact-factor), 62 abstracts and 11 patents).Totalcitation index 43 (in accordance with Scopus), h-index = 5.