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Yosyph Slipiy’s preaching heritage: the linguistic aspect


Author:Petryshyna O.

Presented by Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University scientific work represents systematic description of the preaching as a separate substyle of the religious style of the modern Ukrainian language on the basis of the experience of the Ukrainian linguistics and homiletics.

In this paper an important scientific problem of linguistic interpretation of preaching texts has been solved.The particularity and the stylistic potential of the religious vocabulary have been defined on the basis of the factual material analysis. The peculiarities of the poetic syntax of Yosyph Slipiy’s preaching works have been analyzed. Language picture of the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has been made. The main attention has been paid to such tropes and figures: epithet, comparison, metaphor, paraphrase, gradation, parcellation, period, antithesis, inversion and rhetorical questions.

There have been designed scientific principles and methodology of describing stylistic possibilities of the units of lexical and syntactical levels within preaching substyle. Description of diachronic and constitutive features of religious style of modern Ukrainian language has been improved. Scientific researches of linguistic stylistic means of religious style have reached further development.

The results of the work contribute to a comprehensive study of the realm of language related to the religious sphere, which in the Soviet period due to ideological reasons was not in the field of research, including the history of the formation, constitutive features, language stylistic means of religious style of modern Ukrainian language.

Organizing scientific and illustrative material of linguistics and theology (including homiletics) causes interest to the scientific work by linguists, clerics, historians.

The topicality and novelty of the outlined issues determines its competitiveness. “Book Exchange” on the request of the leading European libraries organized monograph newsletter.

Application of the materials of this scientific work in the educational process of secular and religious educational institutions allowed to deepen the theoretical and methodological principles of separate humanities (stylistics, religion studies, homiletics, etc.) to improve the training facilities.

Scientific results of the work have been reflected in 1 monograph, 18 articles.