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Innovative design and technological solutions of manufacturing thin-walled bimetallic elements for engineering products


Author: Boris R.S.

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”


The actual scientific and practical task of improving the efficiency of manufacturing bimetallic tubular elements in engineering industries through the development and support of the process of drawing sheet thinning dissimilar metals and alloys. 

Analyticaland numerical calculation process compatible with thinning pulling two dissimilar metals with heating. The relation between the parameters of the stress-strain state at the boundary surface and the degree of strain thinning layers with the original geometry of the workpiece, the mechanical properties of the individual layers and the geometry of the working surface of the matrix. We observe that the error calculation does not exceed 7 ... 14%.

Based on the generalization of theoretical and experimental results obtained in the thesis the block diagram (algorithm) calculation of technological process parameters extraction bilayer with blanks thinning is proposed promising new technical solutions and implemented technological advice needed for the manufacturing process BTE. The results are implemented at industrial enterprises. 

The expected economic effect is 90 thousand. UAH. per year for Design Office "Progress" and 112.0 yew. UAH. at JSC "Motor Sich".

Scientific results of the work are presented in 1 monography, 10 articles, the novelty and the competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 8patents