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Urban space zoning for determine a high-risk areas

Work number - M 52 FILED

Shtepa K.O.


National University of Construction and Architecture, MES Ukraine, Kyiv.


         The scientific work is devoted to the problem of creating a comfortable and safe environment for human residence. The main factors of affect the safety and health of residents.

The aim is to develop a new approach to the definition of high-risk areas in the city, three-dimensional model of the territory, graphics and mathematical model for evaluating the quality and safety of the population residing.

Scientific novelty is consist of the author personally designed graphical and mathematical models for evaluating the quality of the urban environment (at the macro, meso- and microlevel). A three-dimensional model of the urban space zoning by level of comfort and a secure dwelling population.

The main results and conclusions of the science work are reflected in the 10 article papers in professional journals included in the approved list in Ukraine. Some of them published: 1 in international journals and 2 in the publication of conference proceedings.

Scientific and practical importance of implementation of research results is:

1.  The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities concerning: Amendments to DBN 360-92 ** "Urban Planning. Planning of Cities and Villages  - predictions requirements for human safety and further improve the three-dimensional zoning for management decisions.

2.State District Administration Offices and Department of Urban Development and Architecture: method for determining the economic costs and benefits for municipal budgets.

3.                 Urban planning organization: technical and economic calculations of urban projects to improve the quality of urban areas.

4. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as a methodological basis for scientific research in the field of urban planning (for specialty «Municipal Construction and urban economy»).

5.For the official websites of city administrations: information to the public in the form of three-dimensional model of the presence of natural and ecological threats.

The authenticity of the offered methods and procedures, their appliance to planning and management of territories for monitoring urban space status is confirmed by its practical implementation and estimation of the urban comfortability level in the city Makeyevka, Donetsk region by creating the program of its constant strategic development.