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А series of the work «Forensic graphics application at the stage of pre-trial investigation: issues of theory and practice»

Work number - M 36 FILED

Author:Dufenіyk O. M.


This work presented by the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs


The series of research publications consists of 9 scientific articles and 2 abstracts, which were published during 2012-2013.

The purpose of the research is a systematic analysis of theoretical and applied aspects of the application of forensic information graphic recording under pre-trial investigation with due regard to the requirements ofcriminal proceedings practice. In the course of study, new scientific results were received.

For the first time there were substantiated the expediency of allocation separate branch of forensic science − forensic graphics, the subject of which is a consistency ofgraphic activity, transformation of forensic information into graphic images, their procedural design and application during criminal offenses investigation. It has been proved that the graphics used in criminal proceedings perform specific functions, hence it stipulates no possibility of its replacement by other documentation facilities. Thus, the scheme for conversion of graphic information on criminal offenses is put forward, thestructure ofgraphic job description of investigator isfound and the expediencyof introduction of special education course «Forensic graphics»in educational institutionsis substantiated.

The cycle of scientific papers containshigher-priority results on the characteristics of integrative ties between forensic science and graphics as well as on determination of the potential opportunity for encoding/decoding information on criminal offense through sign and symbol means and procedural design of thefinished graphic product and its application during criminal proceedings.

The results of the cycle are very significant for a research and law-making work, activity ofpre-trial investigation authorities and educational process.

The total number of author’spublications constitutes 62 works.