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А series of works «Intellectual property rights management and commercialization»

Work number - M 57 AWARDED

Liubov Maidanyk_.

Represented by Law Faculty of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.
The cycle of scientific papers consists of 2 monographs, 8 articles and 5 conference abstracts published during 6 years.
          The analysis of the concept and content of collective management of intellectual property rights, including copyright and related rights, according to civil legislation of Ukraine. The main types of contracts concluded on collective management of copyright and related rights are defined. Economic and legal definition of notion and objects and commercialization of intellectual property, also mechanism, stages and legal forms of commercialization are presented. For example, the name of an individual proved that moral good of individuals may obtain specific signs, which are characteristic of tradable goods, and further commercialization of these private  non-personal benefits as an object of intellectual property, particularly as a trademark. Results of scientific research can be used to improve legal regulation of intellectual property rights and their commercialization.

The results of research on the topic of work set out in 2 monographs,  8 scientific articles (including 1 in foreign journals) ,5 theses reports.

Total number of author’s publications - 21: 2 monographs, 9 scientific articles (including 1 in foreign journals), 8 conference abstracts, 2 scientific and methodological works