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National Award / State prizes

Number Title of work Presentation
P14 Development and implementation of the system of complex radioecological monitoring in Ukraine (Number of comments: 27)
P15 Upbuilding oil and gas resources by the efficient use of geofluiddynamics mineral resources of Ukraine (Number of comments: 40)
P16 Комплекси утилізації органічних відходів як елемент розподіленої генерації у воєнний час (Number of comments: 0)
P16 Scientific and practical geological solutions for increase natural gas production in Ukraine (Number of comments: 13)
P17 Scientific and technological means and methods for providing of energy independence of Ukraine (Number of comments: 53)
P17 Conservation and restoration of plant diversity of Ukraine (Number of comments: 76)
P18 Technologies to increase efficiency and safety of functioning of energy facilities using underflow aircraft (Number of comments: 67)
P19 Conservation and restoration of the plant biodiversity of Ukraine (Number of comments: 63)
P20 Reducing the antropogenic load on water resources of Ukraine through the creation of environmental and resourse–saving technologies (Number of comments: 85)
P20 Збільшення видобутку вуглеводнів з врахуванням геодинаміки надр України (Number of comments: 20)
P20 Development of the ecological doctrine and post-war restoration of the natural capital of Ukraine (Number of comments: 0)
P23 Scientific bases and technologies of anthracite replacement at thermal power plants (Number of comments: 33)
P23 The natural and technogenically transformed ecosystems of Ukraine: the restoration of the biotic potential, soil fecundity and soil reclamation (Number of comments: 44)
P25 Development Strategy of Nature Conservation Territories within Urban Development System of Ukraine. Implementation of the Strategy in Shaping Botanical Garden’s Network (Number of comments: 37)
P25 A series of the work “Creation of theoretical fundamental and new materials for development of effective technologies of water purification” (Number of comments: 51)
P25 Assessment of the environmental impact of radiation accidents for the formulation and implementation of the remediation strategy of the contaminated territories (Number of comments: 40)
P26 Diversification of supply of natural gas as a constituent of energy security of the state (Number of comments: 39)
P26 Створення високотехнологічних автономних турбодетандерних електричних станцій задля енергобезпеки та енергонезалежності України (Number of comments: 0)
P27 Spatial ecology as a basis for the restoration of biotic potential of ecosystems (Number of comments: 21)
P31 Assessment, prognosis and optimization of the state of water ecosystems of Ukraine (Number of comments: 32)
P31 Ecosystem Services in the Context of Global Climate Change and Sustainable Development of Ukraine's Natural Potential (Number of comments: 110)
P32 Eco-geotechnological cycle of mining and primary processing of uranium ores (Number of comments: 36)
P32 Electrotechnological complex for production of cable systems of superhigh voltage (Number of comments: 53)
P33 Theoretical justification and practical application of the newest effective technologies for purification of natural and wastewater and utilization of hazardous wastes (Number of comments: 89)
P36 Energy efficient electromechanical systems of wide technological applications (Number of comments: 37)
P39 Scientific fundamentals and technologies of the replacement of anthracite on thermal power plants (Number of comments: 41)
P41 Optimization of thermophysical processes in power equipment of power plants (Number of comments: 43)
P41 Scientific Fundamentals of Development and Implementation of Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Systems on the Basis of Aerospace and Terrestrial Research (Number of comments: 38)
P48 To series of scientific publications «Scientific basis of preservation and restoration of biotic and landscape diversity of Ukraine in a changing environment (Number of comments: 33)
Number Title of work Presentation
P1 Creation and production of home neurotropic and immunnotropic drugs (Number of comments: 38)
P2 The modern methods of stem cells and bioengineering technologies application in regenerative medicine (Number of comments: 25)
P3 The complex establishing of the newest investigations methods of M.I. Pyrogov body condition and repeat embalming stages (Number of comments: 152)
P3 Медичне забезпечення сил оборони на засадах єдиного медичного простору (Number of comments: 0)
P4 Heart Transplant during the War (Number of comments: 81)
P6 textbook "Pediatrics" (Number of comments: 156)
P7 Підручник "Orthodontiсs. Dentognathic Anomalies and Deformations" (Number of comments: 307)
P7 Створення органічних сполук для сучасної медицини – важливої складової безпеки та обороноздатності України (Number of comments: 4)
P7 Медицина катастроф в умовах бойових дій (Number of comments: 64)
P7 Prevention of cardio-cerebral complications and sudden cardiac death (Number of comments: 47)
P8 Innovative medicines with neurotropic and immunotropic action: scientific bases, development, putting into production and introduction into medical practice (Number of comments: 46)
P8 Ensuring the quality of medical care for newborns in the context of the development of perinatal services in Ukraine (Number of comments: 103)
P9 The complex establishing of the newest investigations methods of M.I.Pyrogov body condition and repeat embalming stages (Number of comments: 174)
P10 Innovative technologies of surgical treatment of acute gastrointestinal bleeding (Number of comments: 31)
P10 Multimodal concept of the use of innovative technologies in thoraco-abdominal surgery in the diagnosis and treatment of the wounded, traumatized and sick in the conditions of modern war (Number of comments: 0)
P10 Організація екстреної медичної допомоги та лікування гострої крововтрати в умовах бойових дій та клінічній практиці (Number of comments: 0)
P11 Stages of the formation of living cells, RNA, DNA, and genes. Wave explanation of cancer (Number of comments: 1)
P11 Регенеративні та клітинні технології в лікуванні ушкоджень опорно-рухового апарату у військовослужбовців (Number of comments: 0)
P11 Scientific development and implementation of the personified approach to the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of immune-dependent diseases (Number of comments: 63)
P11 Electrochemistry of functional materials and systems (Number of comments: 45)
P12 Медико-психологічна реабілітація постраждалих під час війни в Україні (Number of comments: 0)
P14 Justification of new safety standards in occupational exposure based on investigation of health risks among Chernobyl clean-up workers (Number of comments: 1)
P14 High-tech methods of providing specialized dental care in peaceful and wartime (Number of comments: 36)
P14 Development and application of the latest technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of fire traumatic trauma and its consequences (Number of comments: 107)
P14 Нові методи лікування важких метаболічних порушень (Number of comments: 51)
P15 Chemical design of nanostructured materials (Number of comments: 69)
P15 Creation of means and technologies of efferent therapy on the basis of nano-silica (Number of comments: 7)
P17 Innovative biotechnologies and nanomaterials for development of remedies of early diagnostics and chemotherapy of pathological states in human (Number of comments: 42)
P17 Novel multifunctional nanomaterials for biology and medicine (Number of comments: 33)
P18 Microbiome correction and personalized rehabilitation in war and peacetime (Number of comments: 1)
P18 High-selective methods of synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, components of functional materials and creation of novel medicines (Number of comments: 47)
P19 Analysis of the dangerous effect of chemical pollutants, in particular of military purpose, by methods of theoretical chemistry and chemoinformatics (Number of comments: 3)
P20 Development of new generation biologically active compositions of esssential nutrients and their implementation (Number of comments: 28)
P21 High-selective design of bioactive heterocyclic systems (Number of comments: 40)
P21 Theoretical background of the development of new vitamin preparations for medicine and their implementation (Number of comments: 35)
P22 Modern methods for diagnostics, management and rehabilitation of vestibular disorders (Number of comments: 0)
P22 Psychotherapy in somatic medicine (Number of comments: 4)
P24 Scientific substantiation and practical implementation of prognostication, diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment system for osteoporosis and its complications in the Ukrainian population (Number of comments: 53)
P24 Current principles of diagnosis and treatment of obesity-related metabolic disorders (Number of comments: 98)
P24 Створення засобів та технологій еферентної терапії на основі нанокремнезему (Number of comments: 35)
P26 Biologically active substances of microbial synthesis in new biotechnologies and modern agricultural production (Number of comments: 99)
P27 Surgical treatment of thoracic aortic disease (Number of comments: 49)
P28 А series of the work "Minimal invasive surgical interventions in diseases of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas” (Number of comments: 61)
P28 Justification of new safety standards in occupational exposure based on investigation of health risks among Chernobyl clean-up workers (Number of comments: 34)
P29 Cryothermosurgical methods and technology for тtreatment of oncological diseases in abdominal cavity (Number of comments: 35)
P32 Scientific development and implementation of systematic approaches to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of immunodeficiency, autoimmune and allergic diseases (Number of comments: 54)
P34 Fundamental basis of the antitumor protection mechanisms realization (Number of comments: 18)
P35 A set of publications “Monoclonal and Recombinant Antibodies for Experimental Biology, Medicine and Veterinary” (Number of comments: 17)
P37 Development of a new generation vitamin compositions and their implementation (Number of comments: 33)
P38 Advanced technologies for synthesis of nanosize powders used in materials and products of structural, functional and biomedical applications (Number of comments: 22)
P51 Development and implementation of highly effective antimicrobial agents for agriculture and medicine (Number of comments: 12)
Number Title of work Presentation
P2 Ukraine in nowaday international business (Number of comments: 3)
P2 Theoretical and practical aspects of the adversarial pretrial proceeding (Number of comments: 0)
P3 Forensic support of crime investigation (Number of comments: 15)
P4 for “Cybercop” training model (Number of comments: 2)
P5 The system of economic security as a subsystem of security (Number of comments: 15)
P5 Civilizational choice of Ukraine and social progress (Number of comments: 51)
P6 Національний еталон Універсальної десяткової класифікації: розроблення та впровадження (Number of comments: 88)
P6 Institutional transformation of the financial and economic system of Ukraine in globalization conditions (Number of comments: 70)
P7 The Carpathian region: problems and prospects (Monograph in 8 volumes) (Number of comments: 20)
P8 Cultural Heritage of Ukraine as a necessary stable condition of state development (Number of comments: 60)
P9 The Shevchenko encyclopaedia (Number of comments: 54)
P9 textbook. Fundamentals of the National Security and Defense Strategy of the State: (Number of comments: 67)
P11 Система кіберінформаційних дій в кризових ситуаціях (Number of comments: 29)
P12 Ukraine United in the Struggle for State Independence, 1917–1923 (Number of comments: 0)
P12 Ostroh Academy of the 16-17-th centuries. An Encyclopedia (Number of comments: 0)
P12 Integration of Ukraine into the global socio-economic space (Number of comments: 59)
P14 „The legal doctrine of Ukraine” in 5 volumes (Number of comments: 80)
P16 Establishment the national standard of the Universal Decimal Classification in Ukraine (Number of comments: 69)
P16 Life world and psychological security of the human in conditions of social changes (Number of comments: 92)