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Cryothermosurgical methods and technology for тtreatment of oncological diseases in abdominal cavity

Work number - P 29 AWARDED

Submitted by State Institution «National Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine», Ukrainian National Academy of Medical Sciences


Аuthors:Lytvynenko OO, Leshchenko VM, Korpan MM, Sandomyrskyy BP, Sushko VO,

Khudetskyy IY, Krasnoselskyy MV


The aim of this work is the development and application of a method of deep cooling of pathological tissues with the purpose of its destruction is cryotherapy, the creation of an effective modern cryosurgical techniques, and the combination of the ability of cryosurgery with modern thermo-surgical technologies contactless convection-infrared tissue processing, which enables prompt intervention in terms of infectious complications of cancer, minimize blood loss and reduce the invasiveness of surgical interventions.


The authors paid attention to experimental studies of cryotherapy at different temperature levels, the results of which allowed, firstly, to deepen the knowledge about the basic mechanisms of cryodestruction of biological tissue in vivo and in vitro, and secondly, to formulate a list of mandatory technical requirements for cryosurgical equipment, the implementation of which ensures the implementation of the major advantages of cryosurgical method of treatment before alternative.


The above requirements became the basis for developing the design and organization of serial production of universal installation of automated cryosurgical "Cryo-Pulse" which laid the basis of the latest domestic and world achievements in the field of low temperature materials science, cryogenic heat transfer, powder metallurgy, advanced welding techniques and evacuation, electronic systems, thermal stabilization, and the like.

Due to the above, cryosurgical unit "Cryo-Pulse" on the technical, ergonomic and economic performance considerably exceeds similar parameters of the best domestic and foreign cryosurgical apparatus.

The authors developed the unique practical methods of application of cryosurgical method in abdominal Oncology are the methodological basis, which provides a broad introduction a cryosurgical method of treatment of patients with malignant abdominal tumors in medical institutions of our state.

Therefore, to date, proved the effectiveness of cryosurgical technologies in complex treatment of malignant tumors of various localizations shown the safety of this technique.

The economic effect from implementation amounted to about 335 million UAH.

The number of publications, 20 monographs, 11 of them foreign; 646 publications, 278 of them foreign; 80 copyright certificates and patents, of which: USSR - 36, Ukraine - 20, Austria 10, Poland - 1, Europe - 4, US - 6, Japan - 3; science citation in Scopus International - 1137; the citation of scientific articles in Word PubMed - 903; PubMed & Cumulated Index Medicus 1984 - present - 68, of which PubMed - 52 and Cumulated Index Medicus - 16; Journal Citation Reports: impact factor - 41.056; Google Scholar - 242, ResearchGate - 14 h-index – 17, review of international top-journals - 14; research-documentary video in YouTube - 24 and 148 887 views.