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A series of the work “Creation of theoretical fundamental and new materials for development of effective technologies of water purification”


Authors: Mamchenko A.V., Meshkova-Klymenko N.A., Astrelin I.M., GomeliyaN.D., Zapolsky A.K., Kucheruck D.D., Mishchuk N.A., Kavitskaya A.A., Kostyuk V.A.


Presented byDumanskyInstitute of Colloid and Water Chemistry NAS of Ukraine


A theoretical modeling of surface forces and stability of disperse aqueous systems for disperse particles of different nature, size, heterogeneity and level of hydrophobicity of interface to predict the behavior of aqueous disperse systems is proposed. The theoretical ideas about the concentration polarization of interface and its role in the water treatment are developed. New theoretical notions about the peculiarities of sorption, ion exchange and membrane separation processes in aqueous solutions for efficient water treatment technologies are developed. New approaches to obtain the effective coagulants, flocculants and sorbents using the row materials of Ukrainian deposits and hazardous waste of chemical industries are proposed. The new technology of wastewater purification from oil, surfactants, dyes, mineral salts, suspended solids, nonferrous metals are proposed.

The scientific basis of physical and chemical conditions occurrence, prevention and removal of slightly water-soluble deposits in the aqueous heat- exchange systems is developed. New approaches to evaluate the efficiency of biosorption and chemisorption treatment processes on the basis of the use of thermodynamic characteristics of water and to increase the efficiency of membrane processes due to their purposeful modification are proposed.

The study results have been experimentally tested at 12 enterprises, and 17 enterprises took them on board for their production activities, with the total economic effect of these measures amounting to 1 386 thousand UAH. Three expert conclusions of the Ministry of Health have been obtained to use the new sorbents. The study results have been introduced into the State Building Regulation.

The scientific results of the series of scientific studies have been reflected in 17 monographs and 759 publications. The general citation index equals 1310 (according to the SCOPUS database) and h-index is 41. The novelty and competitiveness of the technical decisions have been protected with 153 patents. 17 doctoral and 67 candidate (PhD) theses have been defended on this topic.