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Fundamental basis of the antitumor protection mechanisms realization

Work number - P 34 AWARDED


Berezhna N.M., Potebnya G.P., Kolesnik O.O., Konovalenko V.F., Lisovenko G.S., Didenko G.V., Bazas V.M., Khranovska N.M.


Presented for the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology


The cycle of scientific works consists of 8 monographs, 149 scientific articles, 33 patents, 6 guidelines, 7 newsletters that were published during 20 years.

The theoretical background on various aspects of the realization of biological effects of cytokines against the backdrop of malignant neoplasm was developed, and certain mechanisms of the immune system tolerance in tumor growth were disclosed.

A number of fundamental results on the ability of modified tumor-associated antigens to induce long-term immune response were obtained.

The authors solved a number of new fundamental problems – for the first time the molecular profile of malignant cells was studied and tumor-associated antigens for their modification were isolated as the basis for treatment individualization and prognosis of the disease course during biotherapy of patients with this pathology.

These investigations are key stages in the creation, studies of the mechanisms of action, efficacy and implementation into practical oncology new antimetastatic drugs, which include cytokines, in particular IL-2, and other immunobiological agents.

The results of the work cycle are important both for fundamental and clinical oncology. The results of the works cycle are of importance both for fundamental and clinical oncology.

The research results are presented in 203 publications. The total number of refereed publications, including in international journals, that are in the SCOPUS database – 180, 510 citations in 478 documents, the total number of links to authors publications – 2483, h-index is 30. 3 doctoral and 9 PhD theses were defended on the subject.