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Assessment, prognosis and optimization of the state of water ecosystems of Ukraine

Work number - P 31 AWARDED

Presented: Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Authors:Osadchyy V.I., Nabyvanets Yu.B., Protasov O.O., Linnik P.M., Scherbak V.I., Nykyforovych Y.I.KornilovychB.Yu, KhilchevskyiV.K.       


        To protect and complex use of Ukrainian surface water resources a cycle of scientific publications has been developed during 1980-2016 substantiating the new progressive principles and methods and implementing advanced technologies of assessment, forecasting and optimization of Ukraine aquatic ecosystems, namely:

– Chemical-analytical an experimental basis was established aimed at assessment of the quality of surface water and aquatic ecosystems. Systemic hydrochemical studies were conducted including thermodynamic modeling of the chemical composition of the surface water, analysis of the sources and coexisting forms of the elements and aquatic ecosystems self-purification processes.

– Concept of “buffer capacity” of aquatic ecosystems was developed considering strong physico-chemical, hydrobiological and biological processes in aquatic environment. This concept can serve as a basis for development of effective approaches for remediation of the state of Ukrainian surface water.

– Complex regional basins wide hydrochemical and hydrobiological studies were performed including zoning, studies at experimental watersheds, and studies of composition of dissolved nutrients in surface water. Databases concerning forming of the state of water objects were developed based on the results of the studies.

– Principles and methodological bases of assessment and control of biotic processes in aquatic ecosystems in the gradient of anthropogenic dependence: from water objects of protected areas, anthropogenically modified water objects up to techno-ecosystems. Principally new scientific approaches and systems of hydrobiological and hydroecological monitoring of techno-ecosystems were developed.

– The informational-analytic system “Chemical composition and Quality of surface water of Ukraine” and a web-based ecological database for international basin of the Dnipro river were developed and implemented.

       The total number of publications is 66 monographs including the one in the Springer publishing house (in English).  It have been published 615 papers, among them 218 are an international ones (177 are included in the SCOPUS database). The total citation number in the SCOPUS is 743; h-index – 10. The total number of citationsin the Google Scholar database is 2338. The total h-indexGoogleScholar is 14.Tenthesis o fDoctor of Sciences and 32 thes is of Candidate of Sciences thesis were up held on this topic.