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Assessment of the environmental impact of radiation accidents for the formulation and implementation of the remediation strategy of the contaminated territories

Work number - P 25 FILED

Presented by the National University of Life and Environmental of Ukraine


Authors:I.M. Gudkov, L.D. Romanchuk, N.M. Zhdanova, T.I. Tuhai,

Yu.V. Khomutinin, M.M. Lazariev, S.Ye. Levchuk, V.P. Protsak.


The aim of the study is theoretical substantiation and generalization of practical experience in overcoming of the radioecological consequences of radiation accidents, as well as the development of the fundamentals of remediation and the return to the use of primarily agricultural territories contaminated with radionuclides.

The authors created scientific approaches to assess the radioecological situation on contaminated areas with complex spatial distribution of radionuclides. The mathematical models of radionuclide redistribution in ecosystems after long time after Chornobyl nuclear disaster were developed. Roadmaps of modification and methods of prediction of levels of crop, livestock and food contamination were proposed. The main problems of contaminated territories remediation and ways of their solution were formulated.

The basic concepts of agro - and biotechnologiсal countermeasures application in agronomy, livestock breeding and primary processing of products are formed in order to receive products with a minimum radionuclide contamination.

The list of radioprotective techniques in crop and livestock production has been implemented, which has reduced the level of radionuclide contamination in 2 and up to 10 times.

Comparison with world analogues. Based on the example of the presented study, the scientific basis and practical approaches to remediation and the return to the use of territories contaminated by radionuclides as a result of large radiation and nuclear incidents, which are the basis of the remediation of the territories after the Fukushima accident.

Implementation of the results is conducted by targeted projects of differentiated anti-radiation measures for each critical settlement.

Number of publications: 240, incl. 7 monographs, 10 textbooks and manuals, 220 papers (120 in foreign journals). According to the Web of Science database, the total number of references to authors' publications presented in the work is 817, according to the Scopus database - 1209, according to the Google Scholar database - 2324, h-index (by the presentd study) 21. 3 doctoral and 8 PhD dissertations have been presented on this subject.