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Scientific and technological means and methods for providing of energy independence of Ukraine

Work number - P 17 AWARDED

Authors: Dr. Zarubin Y.O.; Dr. Doroshenko V.M.; Ph.D. Gryshanenko V.P.; Ph.D. Prokopiv V.Y.; Dr. Boyko V.S.; Dr. Moysyshyn V.M.; Ph.D. Stogniy O.V.; Hunda M.V.


          Presented: Subsidiary company "Research Institute of Oil and Gas Industry" National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine".


          Work performed a team of scientists and producers Ukraine and is dedicated to solving the actual problem - providing of energy independence of Ukraine through the effective development of own energy resources.

A significant amount of research performed within the formation of state and industry programs: "Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2030", "Oil and Gas of Ukraine until 2010", "Program for increasing of oil and gas production from fields of NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" until 2020". The main scientific and practical results presented in Ukrainian-Polish monograph "Oil and Gas of Carpathians" (Krakow, Kyiv - 2004) and the monograph "Scientific and technological support for improvement of oil and gas field development systems" (2015).  

Developed and applied in industry of scientific and methodological basis of improving of oil and gas field development systems. On the grounds of theoretical and experimental researches designed technologies and multi-purpose means to targeted action on unworked or prematurely flooded reservoir intervals, which are found on the basis of modern geophysical, hydrodynamic and indicator studies. Improved of technology for horizontal wells drilling by minimizing the energy intensity of the process of rock destruction. Substantiated of technology solutions to improve of existing oil and gas field development systems. Been formed of main directions for gas balance forming in Ukraine and calculated volumes of hydrocarbon resources of domestic production of fuel supply for the economy of Ukraine.

Due to the implementing of work results was29 horizontal wells drilled; increased productivity and decreased of water inflow in 274 wells; improved technical and technological parameters of 26 oil and gas field development systems. Additional production totaled 1.21 million tons of oil; limited inflows into wells 1,54 million tons of  water; the expected increasing of reserves is 6.27 million tons of oil and 4.96 billion of cubic meters of gas; additional production expected is 3.32 million tons of oil and 4.71 billion of cubic meters of gas. The actual profit was more than 1.36 billion UAH; additional profit expected - 1.8 billion UAH.

Amount of publications: 248, including 18 monographs, 230 articles (33 – foreign editions). The total number of references to the authors publication, according to the scientific database: Scopus – 8, h-index = 5; Google Scolar - 38; Science Index - 18; EarthDoc - 2. Novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions protected by 9 patents for invention, 34 copyright certificates, 6 patents for utility models and 4 of the certificate of registration of copyright of work.