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Technologies to increase efficiency and safety of functioning of energy facilities using underflow aircraft

Work number - P 18 FILED

Presented National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute".

Buriakovskyi S.G., Rezynkina M.M., Shevchenko S.Y., Senderovich G.А., Skopenko V.V., Zaporozhets А.O., Karpaliuk I.T.

The purpose of this work is to create a set of technological methods and tools for their implementation using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aimed at improving the safety of the integrated energy system of Ukraine, as well as to increase its energy efficiency.

On the basis of theoretical researches and experiments the scientific problem of complex automated monitoring of objects of power system of Ukraine on resistance to emergence of emergency situations, and also reduction of time and cost of restoration of their work after accidents is solved.

For this purpose the scientific bases of mathematical, physical and statistical modeling of electrophysical processes on elements of power objects of difficult spatial configurations in emergency modes are developed: at short circuits, lightning strikes, corona discharges, excessive thermal heating, abnormal thermal distribution.

To monitor the current state of integrity of long energy objects, as well as elements of energy objects, UAVs are used, which provide control in the visible and infrared range of radiation, acoustic range of oscillations, as well as the levels of electric field strength. Scientific bases of mathematical, physical and statistical modeling of electromagnetic and acoustic fields in elements of electric power objects of complex spatial configurations are created taking into account a possibility of emergence of such nonlinear processes as corona discharges and breakdowns on long air intervals.

Improved methods for determining the exact location of accidents at power facilities using UAVs based on developed mathematical models and analytical expressions, based on which a software and hardware complex of identification and control of current parameters and modes of operation of power systems.

The basic conceptual bases on creation of methods and means implementing them for control of a condition of electric and thermal isolation, systems of lightning protection, integrity of designs of electric power objects with use of the UAV are formed.

At the enterprise of KP "Kharkiv Heat Networks" the control of a condition of a network and the power equipment with use of the UAV is organized. This company uses the work of the authors to control the state of the elements and modes of operation of energy objects in the visible and infrared wavelength range, the acoustic spectrum of sound, as well as the levels of electric field strength.

The economic effect of the implementation of the results of work amounted to more than 1381.7 million UAH.

Number of publications: 13 monographs, 116 articles (63 of them - in foreign publications). The total number of references to the publications of the authors is 353 (according to the Scopus database), h-index = 11 and 893 (according to the Google Scholar database), h-index = 88. Received 7 patents of Ukraine for inventions. 4 doctoral theses and 27 PhD theses were defended on the subject of the work