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Національний еталон Універсальної десяткової класифікації: розроблення та впровадження

Work number - P 6 FILED

Presented State Research Institution "Ivan Fedorov Book Chamber of Ukraine"

Dr. M. I. Senchenko, Dr. O. O. Serbin, PhD A. L. Murakhovskyi, G. O. Gutsol, V. M. Muravyova, M. Y. Akhverdova, Y. O. Nabhan

The unique research work of the Book Chamber of Ukraine sums up 25-year period of establishment, maintenance and implementation of the national standard of international multilingual classification system – the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) in Ukraine. Nowadays it is the only legally recognized classification system in the country for arrangement of library collections and indexing research works and domestic editions at the global level.

The Book Chamber of Ukraine holds an exclusive licence of the UDC Consortium (The Hague, The Netherlands), the UDC owner. It gives rights to translate and publish UDC tables in Ukrainian and affirms Book Chamber’s copyright.

Results: 24 UDC editions (standard tables, summaries and extensions & corrections), 7 electronic UDC editions, 11 methodical editions, 1 UDC glossary, electronic resource – Ukrainian UDC Summary on the UDC Consortium website, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 177 "On ending the use of the Library-Bibliographical Classification and implementation of the Universal Decimal Classification" dated 22 March 2017, Order of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine No. 60 "On measures for the implementation of the Universal Decimal Classification" dated 03 April 2017, Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 929 "On implementation of the Universal Decimal Classification in library practice" dated 26 June 2017, National Standard DSTU 6096:2009 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Universal Decimal Classification. Structure, rules for use and indexing", trainings for secondary and high schools have been developed and are being taught, 45 seminars for publishers and libraries of various systems have been held, UDC indexing service has been established.

The work has a high level of scientific novelty. It is unique in Ukraine and in the world. The Book Chamber of Ukraine has introduced many innovations and research developments in the national and international UDC standard. The representative of the Book Chamber of Ukraine has become a member of the UDC Consortium Advisory Board.

The national UDC standard has been implemented throughout Ukraine. It is used in library, publishing, educational and scientific fields, including over 15,600 public libraries, 16,400 educational and scientific libraries, 650 higher education institutions, 700 research institutions and 7,500 publishers.

Number of publications: 7 monographs, 24 reference works, 7 electronic editions, 11 methodical editions, 1 glossary, over 140 publications and 86 electronic publications. Total citations of publications in Google Scholar – 343, h-index – from 1 to 12.