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Biologically active substances of microbial synthesis in new biotechnologies and modern agricultural production

Work number - P 26 AWARDED

Presented by the D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Authors: Iutinska GO, Volkogon VV, Kurdish IK, Fedorenko VA, Gonchar MV, Tsigankova VA, Belyavska LA, Smutok OV.


The aim of the work is to develop the fundamental principles of microbial synthesis of industrially important biologically active substances and their application in biotechnology and agricultural production.

On the basis of theoretical studies and experiments the authors have determined the biosynthetic potential of microorganisms of various taxonomic groups, the genetic and physiological regulation of the biosynthesis of new antibiotics, enzymes, plant bioregulators, the influence of nanomaterials on the production of biologically active substances by microorganisms and on catalytic properties of the enzymes.

Scientific backgrounds of genetic, metabolic and protein engineering for designing microbial overproducers of valuable substances, obtaining and using environmentally friendly and effective microbial preparations for plant growing have been created.

It was formed the basic conceptual bases of using synthesized by constructed microbial producers enzymes in biosensors and enzymatic analysis, creation of microbial biopreparations on the base on biologically active substances and microorganisms - producers of these compounds for their practical application.

Biotechnologies for the production of overproducers of antibiotics and enzymes, the use of nanomaterials in new biologics and analytical kits, and the production of new cell lines with genetically mediated resistance to pathogens have been proposed.

Scientific products are realized in biotechnology of eight environmentally friendly and effective microbial preparations for plant growing, ten analytical kits for bio-recognition of substances important for practice, two new plant cell lines.

Comparison with the world analogues. The biopreparations developed by the authors have no analogues and differ from the existing products by positive influence on plants on the biochemical, molecular-genetic and organismic levels, preservation of the stability of the composition under unfavorable environmental conditions. The constructed enzyme over-producers prevail by some characteristics the known foreign analogues. There were substantially simplified the existing procedures for obtaining enzymes in a highly purified state. Priority of the developments is confirmed by 37 patents of Ukraine and 1 US patent.

Implementation of the developments is carried out under license agreements (9 in Ukraine, 1 in the USA), also biopreparations are produced at the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology and Agro-Industrial Production of the National Agrarian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, analytical kits - at the “Lvivdialik” enterprise and are used by Lviv company “Enzym”.

The effect of implementation by economic calculations is 1640956077 UAH.

Number of publications: 363, incl. 16 monographs, 3 textbooks (manuals), 286 articles (122 in foreign editions). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to publications of authors presented in the work is 2143, h-index (on work) 55; according to the Google Scholar database, the total number of citations is 3336, h-index (for work) 80. Four doctoral and 38 candidate dissertations were defended on this topic.