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Scientific substantiation and practical implementation of prognostication, diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment system for osteoporosis and its complications in the Ukrainian population


SI “D. F. Chebotaryov Institute of Gerontology, NAMS Ukraine”

Authors: V. V. Povoroznyuk, O. G. Gaiko, N.V. Grygoryeva, N. V. Dedukh, A. V. Kalashnikov, S. M. Kuznetsova, F.V. Klymovytsky, Yu. I. Komisarenko

Fundamental theoretical and experimental as well as clinical studies performed by the authors promote developing and implementing a complex system of prognostication, diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment measures for a systemic osteoporosis and its complications in the Ukrainian population.

Presented authors are the first to conduct the large-scope epidemiological studies of peak bone mass formation in children and adolescents, structural-functional bone state, rates of its loss, osteoporosis and variously localized osteoporotic fracture frequency in the Ukrainian population depending on the age and sex. Supported by the International Osteoporosis Foundation, WHO Collaborating Centre for Metabolic Bone Diseases, the authors created the FRAX (WHOFractureRiskAssessmentTool)version based on the epidemiological studies and intended specifically for the Ukrainian population, which evaluates the 10-year likelihood of major osteoporotic fractures and hip fractures.

Authors were first to assemble reference databases for various methods of bone structural-functional evaluation (X-ray absorptiometry, ultrasound densitometry, hand X-ray absorptiometry, spinal X-ray morphometry, TBS, FRAX)incorporating findings of epidemiological studies of the Ukrainian children and adults. Regional aspects of structural-functional bone state of the Ukrainian population were described along with exo- and endogenous triggering factors.

New methods of bone structural-functional evaluation, bone aging rates, pain syndrome verification algorithms, osteoporosis-related spinal deformity diagnostics were developed and implemented. Differential treatment and prophylaxis schemes for osteoporosis and its complications were substantiated and put into practice for the first time, anti-osteoporotic medication efficacy was analyzed and tested for various drug groups, food products, supplements and medication for systemic osteoporosis treatment were developed and released. Comprehensive programs of observation, clinical monitoring, prophylaxis and treatment were developed for systemic osteoporosis and its complications in children and adults with somatic pathologies.

The Ukrainian Association of Osteoporosis, “Ukraine without osteoporosis and fractures” Patient Association were founded. The Ukrainian Scientific-Medical Center for Osteoporosis Problems opened 23 of its subsidiaries in various Ukrainian regions in order to raise awareness and provide medical and prophylactic assistance.

Overall number of publications: 1720, including 49 monographs, 57 patents. Overall number of references to the authors’ publications is 3907, h-index67 according to Google Scholar and 208 and 11 according Scopus database.12 doctoral and 35 candidate’s dissertations were defended on the topic.