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High-tech methods of providing specialized dental care in peaceful and wartime

Work number - P 14 AWARDED

Presented by State Institution “Institute of Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”.

Authors: Malanchuk V.O., Schnayder S.A., Denga O.V., Mazur I.P., Drohomyretska M.S., Likhota A.M., Rybachuk A.V.

Authors carried out comprehensive studies of oral health and stomatological diseases epidemiological indicators of Ukraine different regions population and created dental morbidity bank on the background of somatic pathology, various biogeochemical features and anthropogenic loading on population with the aim of substantiating and introducing high-tech methods of providing specialized dental care in the peaceful and wartime.

In experimental and clinical studies were revealed new mechanisms of major dental diseases pathogenesis and experimental models of periodontal pathology were developed.

Effective biologically substantiated methods of reconstructive-restorative operations on the maxillofacial zone, modern dental implantation in Ukraine, based on metabolism and regenerative potential of bone tissue are developed. New materials with biologically active action on traumatic fractures and bone defects surgical treatment offered. Developed modern diagnostic scheme of tooth-jaw abnormalities for orthodontic treatment optimization.

Dental battlefield set is provided for provision of dental care to servicemen, and mobile dental office with X-ray equipment in a special modular unit.

National Program for prevention of major dental diseases, which generally improves oral health and human as a whole, scientifically substantiated, reduces the cost of the dental care system in Ukraine and improves quality of people’s life.

Results of research implemented in the educational-pedagogical process in higher educational institutions and practical system of health care in Ukraine.

Number of publications:16 monographs, 10 textbooks, 28 manuals, 4 reference books, 665 articles (84 foreign journal publications), 5 newsletters about innovations. The total number of links to authors' publications / h-index of work according to databases is respectively: Web of Science – 440/7; Scopus – 115/4; Google Scholar – 3216/21. On this subject matter, defended 18 doctoral and 75 PhD theses.