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Innovative biotechnologies and nanomaterials for development of remedies of early diagnostics and chemotherapy of pathological states in human

Work number - P 17 AWARDED

Presented Institute of Cell Biology, NAS of Ukraine

Dr.Biol.Sci. Stoika R.S., Dr.Biol.Sci. Ryndych А.V., Dr.Biol.Sci. Filonenko V.V., Dr.Biol.Sci. Drobot L.B., Dr.Biol.Sci. Matyshevska О.P., Dr.Phys-Math.Sci. Prylutsky Y.І., Dr.Biol.Sci. Pаnchuk R.R., Cand.Biol.Sci. Pіrkо Y.V.

The aims of this work were to develop modern innovative biotechnologies for medicine and pharmaceutics addressed on detection of biomarkers of early stages of neurodegenerative and oncological diseases in human, create the remedies of early diagnostics of those pathological states using the nanomaterials, enhance the effectiveness and provide target action of the anticancer medicines through their immobilization on the created nanomaterials.

The innovative biotechnologies for detection of highly specific biomarkers of the pathological states in human were developed. By using the identified protein biomarkers аnd the monoclonal antibodies against them (Patent of USA), the bio-elements for novel systems of diagnostics of the neurodegenerative and oncological diseases were created. The obtained antibodies can be also used as vectors for the addressed delivery of nano-complexes that contain the anticancer medicines.

The original cell-based technologies were developed for evaluation of the effectiveness of action of novel anti-metastatic preparations and for a selective destroying of cancer stem cells.

Basic conceptions were created for molecular design of novel native nanomaterials for addressed and safe delivery of anticancer medicines in the organism, and for their synthesis, namely of the quantum dot nanoparticles for visualization of sub-cellular structures of tumor cells.

Nanoplatform based on the poly-2-oxazoline polymer for immobilization of anticancer antibiotic Landomycin A and other water insoluble medicinal preparations, as well as nanocomplexes of C60 fullerene with immobilized anticancer medicines for enhancement of their action and for circumventing general toxicity and multidrug resistance were created.

The expected cost of import substitution at using the developed innovative anticancer nanocomposite is 1 564 thousand USD per year. During realization of this work, the equivalent of 28.0 million Hryvna was enlisted in the budget of Ukraine, as the costs of grants provided by the international foundations.

Number of publications: 5 mоnоgrаphs, 39 Chapters in monographs, including 16 international, 492 scientific articles, including 297 – in the international journals, with total impact factor of 849.04 (Scopus). According to Scopus data, the sum of citations of the authors of collection of works in foreign editions in English is 6332 and total h-іndex is 39. The novelty and competitiveness of the developed technologies and materials are protected by 20 patents, including 14 patents on the invention. The results of this work were included in 6 Dr. Sci. and 59 Cand. Sci. dissertations defended under supervision of the authors of the work.