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Development and implementation of highly effective antimicrobial agents for agriculture and medicine

Work number - P 51 FILED

The authors: Shkaraputa L.M., Stepanenko V.I., Dolya M.M., Pshenichuk R.F.,
Tyshchenko L.O., Danilenko V.V., Tsekhmister Yа.V., Yakovishin L.G.

Presented by the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

This work solves an important scientific problem of protection of seeds of wheat, beets, buckwheat, millet, rape, barley, corn, potato shoots from diseases, as well as the scientific and medical aspects of treatment and prevention of skin mycosis of humans.

Scientific bases were developed for the industrial production of potassium N-(1,1-dioxothiolan-3-il)dithiocarbamate – of active substance contained of the highly effective original domestic preparations: fungicide for seed treatment Sulfocarbation-K (SKK) and drugs for treating and prevention of human skin mycosis – Teobon-dithiomycocide (TD) as well as methods of application and use of these preparations.

Seed protectant SKK and drug TD were registered and released into production and distribution. SKK was used for growing of sugar beets, wheat, buckwheat in the square of over 400,000 hectares. More than 65,000 tubes of ointment TD was produced and released into the drug store network.

The evidence of world class level of these inventions is advantage of SKK over the internationally recognized products Vitavacs, Fundazol, Raksil, TMTD and others used in agricultural production. Official statement by the Japanese firms “Sankyo, Co., Ltd.” and “Sumitomo Corporation” that SKK is not inferior to the Japanese Tachigaren, one of the world's best protectants beet seeds – both drugs "are highly effective in protecting sugar beet from black leg as well as maintaining the crop of the sugar beet roots". The original Teobon-dithiomycocide outperforms world renowned and most universally used foreign antimycotics in terms of efficiency and tolerability.

The economic agroproduction impact from employing Sulfocarbation-K is 23.54 $/hectare for wheat, $25.90 $/hectare for seed corn and $145.50 $/hectare for silage corn. Direct profit attributed to the increased yield of sugar beets covering the area of over 400,000 hectares exceeded $27 million. Resulted application of Sulfocarbation-K has been ensured over $100,000 investments.

Scientific findings and results of this work are reflected in publication of 40 articles and a monograph. 28 authored invention filings and patents were created. One Doctor of Sciences Dissertation and 3 Candidate of Sciences Dissertations were defended based on this work.