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Scientific development and implementation of systematic approaches to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of immunodeficiency, autoimmune and allergic diseases

Work number - P 32 FILED

Presented by Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy"

Authors: G.M. Drannik, A.I. Kurchenko V.V. Chop'iak, I.P. Kaidashev, V.Ye. Driyanska, Ye.M. Dytiatkovska, O.M. Okhotnikova, L.I. Chernyshova

The aim is the creation and development of modern service of Clinical Immunology and Allergology in Ukraine by organizing undergraduate and postgraduate training of doctors – clinical immunologists and allergists, development of educational materials, formulation and approval of the qualification requirements for doctors, organization of services in regional centers and integration into the international scientific and clinical space.

Based on theoretical studies and experiments, the authors laid the foundation of immunotropic therapy on the background of evidence-based medicine and scientifically substantiated measures of vaccinal prevention of diseases with damage to the immune system in children and adults. The most common immunogenetic mechanisms of allergic diseases – asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis, were disclosed.

The scientific basis of genetic and immunological diagnostics of primary immunodeficiencies among the population of Ukraine has been created. The basic principles of efficiency of allergen specific immunotherapy using immunomodulators have been formulated. The new means of diagnosis, treatment and immunorehabilitation of patients suffering from allergic, autoimmune, in particular, systemic vasculitis, and other immuno-mediated diseases have been suggested, the introduction of methods of molecular immunology and allergy, tissue engineering, protein therapy and immunoglobulin therapy deserves particular attention.

The Departments of Clinical Immunology and Allergology at the pre- and postgraduate training stages, including pediatric profile, have been created. Service of Clinical Immunology and Pediatric Clinical Immunology in the system of Ministry of Public Health Ukraine has been organized; Allergology Service for adults and children has acquired further development. The transfer of modern scientific and clinical technologies has allowed to train doctors, improve their skills to provide highly specialized care to the population of Ukraine, to do research, as evidenced by the statistics and the healthcare industry and the high level of recognition of the authors’ collective internationally. The research has been supported by the EU program «HORIZON 2020» within the framework of the project «Pathogen and Graphen (PANG)».

20 innovations, 70 information letters, 29 guidelines, 10 national directives and 36 clinical protocols have been introduced in the field of Public Health. The economic effect of the introduction is the early detection of patients with allergic, immunodeficiency, autoimmune and other immuno-mediated diseases, reducing their work incapacity and minimizing disability and mortality.

Number of publications: 3135, including 35 monographs, 11 textbooks,  45 manuals, 597 articles (82 – in foreign journals). According to the database Scopus, the total number of links to authors, presented in the paper is 549, h-index (by works) = 36.5. Novelty and competitive technical solutions are protected by 91 patents. 17 doctoral and 74 master's theses have been defended on this subject.