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Creation of means and technologies of efferent therapy on the basis of nano-silica

Work number - P 15 AWARDED

Authors: Moroz V.M., Lutsyuk M.B., Shtatko O.I., Pipa L.V., Bondar S.A., Bondarchuk O.I., Viltsanyuk O.A.

The work represents the organization: Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University.

Objective: To create entero- and applicational sorbents for efferent therapy based on the nano-silica and to develop technologies of their use.

Scientific novelty. Detected antidiarrheal, antitoxic, hypolipidemic, immunocorrective, wound healing and haemostatic effect of drugs that are based on nanosilica. It was shown thatthe basic mechanisms of therapeutic action of these drugs are related to their ability to fix on the surface nature of the protein substances, microorganisms, water, and a positively charged low-molecular weight substances, including mediators of allergy and inflammation.

Practical significances. Createdmedicines - Polisorb, Polisorb MP, Sillard P, Siliks, Atoxil, which are widely used in medical practice for the treatment of diarrhea, endotoxemia, viral hepatitis, chronic inflammatory processes, etc., duringmono- and combination therapy. Have developed technologiesforuse of these drugs in the therapeutic and surgical clinics for treatment adults and children.

Number of published monographs - 12, refereed publications – 10, patents - 41, links to the authors of the200 publication(according to database SCOPUS) – 2160, by h-index - 32.